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Automatically starting webcam during remote control calls.

I'm currently working on a porject that requires projection mapping on a remote pc. While offsite, I would like to use the PCs attached webcam to watch the projection mapping target (in this case a statue of sorts) to correct mapping errors. So far team viewer works great for connecting (although there is a big of lag given the location of the pc) but I'm current stuck on trying to start the webcam. My current method of using the webcam is to start a call with the target machine however the video does not start by default. Using a test machine I am able to start the video by manually clicking on the webcam button but this is not practical on the target machine. Is there any way to configure the team veiwer settings on the machine to automatically start the video, or do I need to do some round about solution where I kick of a batch script that executes a mouse click on the exact location of the start button.

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