No Connection to partner! Partner did not connect to router.

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The computer that I am trying to login to suddenly shows an error when trying to connect even though it shows online.  No Connection to partner!  Partner did not connect to router.  Error Code WaitForConnectFailed.



  • Ying_Q
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    Hi @dhuck 

    Thank you for posting.

    Can you kindly try the following step for trouble shooting please:

    1. Uninstall the current application and install a fresh copy on both sides of connection (Optional)
    2. Restart TeamViewer service on both sides of the connection
    3. Check for the internet setting and make sure TeamViewer connects to internet.

    Hope the issue should be fixed. If you have other question, please let us know.



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  • BJ_HYD_2022
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    Kind of hard to restart a machine 600 miles away for any purpose. Latest version of TV shows installed late yesterday and today the problem shows up. Any possible correlation?

  • BJ_HYD_2022
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    Got into the machine using Remote Control. I eventually found teamviewer update processes running numerous times, over 20, which when removed seemed to help the problem. I suspect that each time a notice was sent about a needed update another process was started. Also observed several other machines logging in numerous times a day and when checked out they appeared to be needing an update which stopped the flag waving of logins.