Teamviewer 13 on iPad 2 problem

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I have an old iPad 2 and my problem is that my iPad runs iOS 9.3.5 and will not be updated and the latest compatible version of Teamviewer is 13.2.111907 CL. My PC updated to Teamviewer 14 and I could not connect from my iPad. I have uninstalled version 14,  and re-installed Teamviwer 13, multiple version. My question is: Teamviewer don't support now old version for iOS and Teamviewer. 




  • Bophades999

    Anyone have a solution to this? Experiencing the same issue. Host device is a Macbook Pro running Big Sur. I found the list of older versions of TeamViewer but no idea which version I need to use for it to be compatible with the version on my iPad 2--same as OP--13..2.111907 CL

  • brunocalmeida
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    I'm having the same issue. I used to use this app to study things from desktop pc to continue making my stuff from the softwares and it's not possible.

    I have tried everything since 2018 and I cannot use for nothing, even remote from chrome. That's sad when you want work away from your desk. I think the programming obsolescence arrived to me.

    I tried to update on the right thing but it didn't work. All my devices are cared to deeply and they are like a new one because I'm a good person to take care about my stuff. And look, what's the point of caring if in 10 years it will be obsolete.