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Unattended Access to MacBook when lid is closed


i've enabled unattended access on my MacBook Pro with Sierra. But when i close the lid, Teamviwer goes offline though i'm using keepingyouawake [link removed] to prevent the macbook going to sleep.

So, when the lid is closed i can ping the MacBook, Access it via VNC (Apple Remote Desktop. - As long as i do this, Teamviewer is awake again too - but from a external network i need a VPN connection..) if enabled also ssh access is possible and so on. - Only Teamvier is goning offline.

Is there a switch or something to keep Teamviewer online when the lid is closed?


  • Wondering if you figured this out? I'm having this problem now with my MBP. I keep the system from sleeping by using AntiSleep app I found in the App Store.