Lock remote screen size on 4k monitor

I have a 4k monitor where when I open a remote computer (1920x1200) up on it, it comes up small so I have to adjust the window size to be it bigger by scaling. Is there anyway to save this size so I don't have to manually make the window bigger everytime I log into a remote PC?


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    Hi @fitnesspm

    Thank you for your post.

    You could store the remote resolution in your computer & contact list as follows:


    Open the properties within the gearwheel


    On the left you will find the advanced options


    Here you make the setting for View Settings --> Remote resolution


    I hope this is helpful.




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  • fitnesspm
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    I've already been looking in those settings but nothing helps. The window for the remote connection is 2 small (1920x1200 and I have to scale it to make it bigger. How do I automatically set it so it's bigger everytime on my 4k monitor?

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    So there is no option???