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Blocking the fall back to port 80 in the TeamViewer application


We have a requirement in our company to block the fall back of port 80 of the TeamViewer application. So if port 5983 or 443 cannot be used (for whatever reason), we would need the applciation to not try on port 80 and just error out.

Can this block be done in the applciation itself (either a configuration setting or registry key)?

Technically speaking it can be done on our firewall, but before going that route we need to ensure it can't be done from the application itself.


Thank you for any assistance! Let me know if this question is unclear.




  • Hello cberwald,

    please contact our Customer Support regarding this, they will provide you a solution.

    Team Lead Product Development (Enterprise)

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  • mkaif22
    mkaif22 Posts: 9 ✭✭
    edited October 2021

    Hello cberwald,

    Were you able to get a resolution from customer care to block port 80? I have the same requirement too.