TeamViewer 14 cannot connect to TeamViewer 11: "Version out-of-date"


I am writing regarding a problem which seems to have kept many people busy, but TeamViewer GmbH never really came with any conclusive statement regarding the nature of the problem. In this Forum, I found lots of unspecific statements in the direction of "in the interest of best quality" yada-yada, but would it be possible to get a crystal-clear answer to my questions?

So I start a new thread and I hope I can get solid answers.

Today I had some someone with TV v14 who could not connect to a TV Host v11. They received this message: "The remote TeamViewer is running an old version which is out of date".

First, I am surprised that there is such a breach of backward compatibility at all. Everybody understand that an old client cannot connect to a new server. But nobody will understand or accept that new client cannot connect to older servers. Keep in mind that TeamViewer users want a tool to do thier job, not a software which requires constant upgrading.

Next, I am surprised that the backward compatibility breaks already after 3 (!) major versions. This is ways too short. Look, I have clients which rarely require my assistance, some of them only once per year. If I have to spend time on upgrading their TV Host, I would have more costs for maintaining connectivity than for solving my clients' actual issues. Or just think of my custom-made Quick Support modules, do I also have to remake them every year?

Third, does this limited backward compatibility exist from day 1, or is it introduced later by TeamViewer GmbH? In this case, I can connect nicely with my TV 13 to the aforementioned TV 11. Will this break one fine day, too?

Fourth, does TeamViewer distinguish between paif installations and free installation? In other words, do free installations have a reduced backward compatibility compared to paid version? A crystal-clear statement would be appreciated.


P.S. I have tried to insert a picture. But the "Insert/edit picture" button does not offer selecting a picture. I am using IE 11.



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    Update: I think I have an answer for the fourth question.

    I have just now tried to connect to the very same server (with TV 11), but from two different machines. On the first machine (with a paid TV 13), I could connect without issues. On the second machine (with a free TV 13), I got the "out-of-date".

    In other words, the entire problem is simply caused by the wish for making more profit... Other companies with free versions of a paid product don't do that. They do not let you have support and premium features, and that's it. But cutting customers off completely is not acceptable. By doing so, you just scare users away.