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How am i supposed to get support if i cant post anything?

I cant post anything , even my request for help as to why i can not ask for help is blocked ??


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My first post was removed even though it had NO logs in it at all. So i created a second post with the same info under a different section which was not deleted. I got a response from a user who asked for me to check the logs but no matter how hard i try i can not post any logs, i have had about 8 post deleted

I have read the community guidelines and it does not mention anything about how to post logs or even mention that you should not post logs.

Even a screen shot of a log with all possible personal ID removed by me was deleted from the thread by the forum.

How on earth am i supposed to get support here, im really scratching my head.

Hahaha now i cant even post this, i get the error message "There was an error while attempting to post your message. Try again in a few minutes."



  • dbl390
    dbl390 Posts: 3 ✭✭

    same issue here, cant get help!!!! they want you to read through a million posts

  • Pangi
    Pangi Posts: 1 Newbie

    I cant get connected to my partner