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File transfer problem

File transfer box on one of my client's computer is blank.  I can remotely connect to his computer but cannot transfer files between computers as I have in the past. 



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    Good Morning Kerstin,

    Thank you for your response.  I have attached in a picture the File Transfer Box for the client I am having trouble with it.  Any help you may be able to provide here would be great.  Have a great day. 

  • Kerstin_PO
    Kerstin_PO Posts: 77 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @RAS1976 ,

    thanks for sharing the screenshot.

    • Which operating system is the remote side?
    • Which TeamViewer version is running on the remote side?
    • Is there some error message in the "Error log" tab next to the job queue?




    Product Owner TeamViewer Core
  • panalogic
    panalogic Posts: 4 ✭✭

    I have the same issue with one of my clients computers. This feature was working but they recently upgraded their PC from Windows 8 64-bit to Windows 10 64-bit. Now the remote computer side in the File Transfer screen is blank, exactly as described and shown by the person above.