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Teamviewer ID

Hello guys,

I use teamviewer with win 10 home.

I need to know where the ID is stored (windows registry or anywhere)???

I would like to be able to retrieve it every time I turn on the pc.

Thanks in advance


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  • Thank you very much for the collaboration.

    It's just what I was looking for!

  • BPM
    BPM Posts: 1

    How do you get there?

  • run-->regedit


  • Hi 

    pls have been trying to connect with a computer over 1 year , the issue i am having is it never shows my ID and also I am using 4GLTE wifi with is connected to the computer but the teamviewer app always says it is not connected to the internet, why???????


  • I'm using a chromebook and I can't find my Teamviewer ID and Password. Where can I find this so I can share it for remote access when I travel?

  • That user ID is hard to find where is its

  • Thank you very much for the collaboration.

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