Reomote workplace

Hi there,

my name is Konstantin.I need some help or at least an advice if I'm on the right track here.I am a MIDI programmer and I have an idea how to make my workplace to be operable from a remote comuter.So my task is to program sertain Yamaha synths and arranger workstations with the help of a computer and Steinberg's Cubase. The only thing about being able to operate from a remote computer and being able to use the resources of my home stuido is to have the system sounds broadcasted through Teamviewer. I red that not every OS supports system sound. If you,who read this and are expert, got the picture please tell me if the thing I need is achieveable thorugh Teamviewer. Ofcourse I'll change my OS to WIN 8 accodring to have system sounds available.So thank you for hte info and the help in advance.