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Questions for managing 4000 android devices

Dear company.
In the near future, we need to set up an enterprise system with the number of mobile devices up to 4000-5000 android devices.
We would like to ask your company about a solution to manage a large number of devices capable of performing the following tasks:
1. Transfer files from your computer to all mobile devices.
2. remote control and monitoring all devices
3. Install apps from PC for all android devices.
If the above requirements are accepted, can we pay monthly for the license?
We would like to thank and wait for your feedback.

Best regards


  • Dear dv1985a,

    thank you for your interest in TeamViewer.

    1. Yes you can send files to Android devices, but only 1 to 1 and not 1 to many.

    2. You can remote control Android devices. Can you please explain in detail what you mean by monitoring.

    3. With TeamViewer you can completely control the Android device and install software 1 to 1. For a mass deployment you will need a mobile device management (mdm) software.

    Best regards,

    Rudolf Korell