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Updating within same versions

I am using version 12. Here are the following systems in my network, All are acting as Host/Client

1) snoopy-pc (Windows) registered version 12.0.78313, 2) Lenovo-pc (Windows) not registered version 12.0.78313, 3) Alienware-PC (Windows) not registered version 12.0.78313.. 4) ASUS-pc (Linux) registered version 12.0.93330. 5)MACBook Pro (OSX) registered version 12.0.139437

The Alienware-PC won't connect to the Lenovo-PC but will connect to all the others. The Lenovo-PC won't connect to the Alienware-PC but will connect to all the others. The Snoopy-PC will connect to all of them. The ASUS-PC will connect to all of them, and the MAC-PC will connect to all of them.

When running version 14, it won't connect to any of my machines stating they are ALL out of date.

Version 12 is not being updated past version 12.0.78313 which seems to be the only download from the Teamviewer site. I guess this is by design to force an update to subscription base.  Would be nice to see if someone has a solution to this issue or if Teamviewer can explain why I can't get a newer version of 12 that I paid for, which I think would be more compatible with the other versions of 12 out there.. But I understand that one day they will void their promise about being 'free' per version, prior to 13. Was a great product, I really liked it. Now I have to search for alternatives. Funny how the Alienware and the Lenovo both have the same version but state each is out of date and won't connect.



  • Ying_Q
    Ying_Q Posts: 896 Moderator

    Hi @Fidolido,

    Thank you for your post.

    TeamViewer has released an updated TeamViewer 12 version approximately 3 weeks ago. Can you kindly download the latest TeamViewer 12 and install the latest version on all of your PCs, then start remote control sessions as usual please.

    If the same problems persist, kindly provide your operating system information and the error message please. Or simply contact TeamViewer Support Team for further discussion.

    Hope it helps.




    Community Moderator/中文社区管理员
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