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Teamviewer Connection

This problem has justed started.  Trying to connect to a PC that is on and running Teamviewer, but the monitor is not turned on.  I keep getting a responce that Teamviewer is not running on the remote computer or is not installed.  Both of those things are not true.  Any thoughts?  I Googled the subject and a lot of people have this issue, but no solutions.  



  • Hi

    I've add things like this and I would start by

    1.Uninstalling the software Teamviewer


    3. Download the new software & Update all the computers you have running Teamviewer to the new Teamviewer ( Test to see if the computer online in your Teamviewer list )

    4. Login to your Teamviewer Acc on the net Delete what you don't need & remove the computer that your having problems with.

    5. Log the computer back in and do the device authorization. ( If stall not logging in look at number 6 )

    6. look at your firewall as it may be stopping it

    7. Right now we look at your Network card and Wifi and what you running i.e windows 7 8 10 XP

    Hope this help you

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