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Why is the newest linux version higher than the newest mac(ios) version?

I'm currently using v15 for my linux system and v 14 for my ios system, they are both the newest version for now. Since v14 is lower than v15, it will  report "your partner is using a higher version of teamviewer, and you need to update to the newest version to connect". However, I'm already using the newest versions for both machines, and it seems that i need to restore to the old version for linux so the teamviewer will work.

This is unreasonable: if the design of this software requires newer or same version for the machine to connect, then the software should consider release them as the same pace or at least design the requirement in a more compatible way.

Wonder if the designer will notice this problem and impove it in the future release? Thanks!



  • Ying_Q
    Ying_Q Posts: 1,264 Moderator

    Hi @yixin,

    Thank you for your posting.

    TeamViewer has recently release TeamViewer 15 insider builds, feel free to check out more information about What are TeamViewer insider builds?. As TeamViewer is backward compatible, you are able to initial connections from v15 to v14.

    For the possible solutions at the mement to fix your connection compability issue, kindly try to downgrade the TeamViewer version on Linux OS back to v14 or activate Preview on masOS then using the same version of TeamViewer v15 please.  

    Hope the information will be helpful.



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  • Except this won't help when I am attempting to remotely connect to an un-attended machine which has automatically updated.

    This is absurd.