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TV 14 Ubuntu 18.04 - crash report, automatic restart


TV 14 installed on Ubuntu 18.04.3, deactivated Wayland, autostart on startup, Memeber of our company-account ... everthing good, but:

After start logins, doing some work, the first crash of Teamviewer happens - ok, no problem, because Ubuntu sends the message below (crashreport, autostart after crash). Is there a file, an config, or anything else, were i can write down, what Teamviewer should do after a crash.  Otherwise i always have to wait for this message, to set the option of the automatic restart of the teamviewer-daemon.

The Teamviewer-Support has no idea and explained the message is sent by the operating system - there is nothing to do for Teamviewer..Canonical doesn `t answer since 2 weeks.

Are there any Ideas, hints? Thanks a lot!!


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