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[Windows] v15.0.8397 (Full) - Change Log

Esther Posts: 4,091 Former Community Manager

We released a new version of the Windows full version.

Operating system: Windows

Version: 15.0.8397 (Full)

Release date: 2019-11-19

Change Log:

Please note that this is the release of a new major version. It is only possible to connect to a remote device with this version if your local device is using the same version or higher.


  • Improved quality for audio transmission within a remote control connection and within a TeamViewer meeting.
  • Simplified and clearer choices in the Advanced Options to define the automatic update behavior of the client.
  • TeamViewer is now fully compatible with Windows 10 v19H2 (November 2019 update).
  • Security improvement for communication between infrastructure and client components.
  • Code refactoring to prevent potential buffer overflow which may result in an application crash.

Download here

Former Community Manager



  • It looks like the current download link on the main teamviewer page is pointing to version 14.7.1965.0 instead of 15.0.8397, which is preventing connection to my remote machine because it looks like my remote machine automatically updated to the new version.

    Edited to add: It looks like this TeamViewer_Setup.exe actually has the new features for version 15 on it, but it's just set to version 14.7.1965. Is there any ETA on a fix for this?

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,091 Former Community Manager

    Hi @LordNeptune 

    Thanks for the hint.

    I just got confirmation that the download page does now show the right version number!

    Thanks again,


    Former Community Manager

  • Hi,

    I'm creating links using the API.

    I'm using POST/api/v1/sessions for this.

    The return value for "end_customer_link" will open as /v15/.

    However, if I manually create the link from management console, the link will be /v14/.

    As I understood from previous replies in this thread, all links should now be pointing to /v15/?

  • Plb42
    Plb42 Posts: 3

    Please, put a big link to Quick Support on the Front page. Don't forget that we have to guide clients (non IT guys at all) to download Quick Support by phone. Installing complete Teamviewer is not needed (and will add more time/explanation on phone).

    IMO you should also put a (small ?) link to QS V14 (at least for some months) since the changelog doesn't look that dreamy.

  • please tell me, nowhere can we find information about the compatibility of teamviewer version 15 with windows xp pro? At this time, the installation on windows xp goes with errors, when you try to upgrade from version 14 to 15, writes that the latest version is installed. If you download from the site the distribution from under windows xp, the 14 version swings. Do we understand correctly that support for windows xp on the new 15 version is discontinued?

  • ramimor
    ramimor Posts: 5 ✭✭

    Like other replies to this post, I'd like to express my major disappointment to this "major" release.
    The only major really with this release is the additional $1260 I was charged.
    Last year you decided like so many other companies, to play the nasty game of subscription instead of getting what the customer pay for.
    If only you'd have reduced the price for having a subscription, it would be maybe kind of fair.
    Alas, it seems the only thing behind this decision was to force your customers to pay for a lease that cost the same as the buy, and to make it worse you insulting our intelligence with version 15, calling it a major release.
    If this is where you want to take TeamViewer, have the decency to call it for what it really is now: A sham!
    As for me as a customer, I assure you I will not renew my subscription next year to “version 16” if you won’t have anything new with this current version 15 major bull, and I give TeamViewer a couple more months before I call to have my auto rebill stop.
    You really should not have called this release major…!!

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,091 Former Community Manager

    Hi everyone,

    First of all, thank you very much for your contributions and your feedback regarding this Change Log and/or release.

    Surely you have already noticed that since we have switched to the subscription model, we are releasing a new TeamViewer update every month.

    As all updates of the TeamViewer software are included in the subscription, there are -of course- no additional costs for our license holders with the subscription plan.

    Most of you do remember, TeamViewer used to offer only annual updates. Therefore, the new features in such a new major version were much more extensive.

    Now we are offering all customers and free users monthly updates with sometimes more and sometimes less new features. But we offer new features, improvements, and fixes as soon as they are ready-to-go-live, and the good thing is: You do not have to wait for a new major version to get the improvements and features your devs are working on during the year.

    We want our users to always have new features and improvements directly at hand, even outside a major version.

    Thanks and best,

    Former Community Manager

  • ramimor
    ramimor Posts: 5 ✭✭

    Funny how the internet NEVER forgets...
    Version 14 was updated 9 times, while 13 was updates 8 times.
    V14 was subscription based, while 13 was purchased.
    I paid for every version since v6, and I KNOW that they have been updated much more than annually, as ninite was auto updating for me and I remember it was constant.
    Maybe your annual update was for the iPhone app, but for window it was much more, and you can see the attached link for yourself.
    And while I do like your product, and I do appreciate the hard work your team is doing, I find your explanation makes things worse.
    As a customer I understand you want to make money, but do not treat the people in this form as fools.
    V15 is NOT a major upgrade, and if you claim it is you lost my trust.

  • This, Esther, is EXACTLY the PR-**bleep** one would expect from a big company that has stopped caring for individual customers. I have one new years resolution and it's canceling my companies subscription first thing after the holidays. We'll find another way.

  • All the changelogs are really confusing.  

    I dont see how this (v15) is a major update vs v14 (which is why i came here to view the changelog).

    1- i agree with other user, that v14 quick support link should be on main page (for a few more months).  I have my own website that links directly to QS , looks like ill need to start archiving them and point the urls to my own files (and not directly to TV download link).

    2- please do what most software dev co's do and have a continous, cronological changelog!  these posts are so unorganized, that im not even sure if this is the right changelog page for FIRST version of v15, (right after the final version of v14,  its not v15.0 )

    (also when i click on windows, to filter for only windows change logs, why am i seeing v12 and v10 win changelogs near the top of the thread list??).

    please add more details than re-worked/improved code  (its constantly repeated in changelogs)