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Teamviewer cannot connect when multiple networks

I have a PC under W7x64, with 3 network cards. Only one of them is connected to the Internet, the 2 others go directly to internal devices. The network panel shows 3 networks. I use the route command to specify which network to use to connect to the 2 internal devices, otherwise, for example, ping fails randomly.

I think that TV chooses the network to connect to its server randomly too, because sometimes it works, and sometimes it's unable to connect, likely trying to use the wrong network.

How can I specify which network TV must use?



  • CBNW
    CBNW Posts: 1

    I'm having this exact issue as well.

    Are there any Teamviewer settings or windows 7 settings that can resolve this?

    The Remote PC has:

    - A 2nd lan adapter with no internet connection.

    As soon as this adapter is enabled &  I close the teamviewer session, I can no longer connect.

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