Credentials required when connecting?

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I read this

Just want to make sure I understood this correctly.

I have 3 computers I normally Remote into, untill recently when I had to abruptly leave one of the computers unattended (Logged into TV), for the entire day,  some friendly co-worker changed my Home PC's wallpaper to some hilarious one. albeit this was a "prank", I cant help but think I was lucky and glad it wasn't someone else with more ill intent.

I've been searching for a way to use Teamviewer but also require it to ask me for a password EVERY time I double-click on any of the PCs on my list. I tried the "Dont save passwords" option but now it asks me to wait for Partner to confirm the remote session, so now I'm locked out of my Home PC till work finishes and I can go home to verify what went wrong (grant easy access?)

Will following the above guide help me do that or is there another option I should check/change.

Thank you.

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    Hi @Zubin

    that link you have indicated is a useful method that suits your request.
    He has received a lot of kudos, even by TeamViewer's technical staff, so I think it can be considered valid.


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    technically No, but I figured out my answer a different way. edited OP.