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I am using TV12 free edition to connect between two computers and just noticed that while the other computer is locked, I can still do file transfers and see which drives and folder structures the locked computer is connected to. Anyone else thinks that this should not be the case? I get that the is a passcode to connect to the computer but if someone got that password, I would imagine that the fact that the computer is locked should prevent them from being able to initiate file transfers. Below is a screenshot of my windows computer being locked and the file transfer window being up and functional. It even shows that I transfered files. Screen-Shot-2017-05-16-at-8.36.33-PM.jpg


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    Hi @jhzafrani

    Your doubt is questionable: you also share a presupposition that is absolutely conditional.
    If, as you indicated, someone is able to retrieve the password to access via TeamViewer, you would have the same kind of problem if the same person could recover the password to log in to Windows.

    By then getting to the machine via TeamViewer or another RDP software would make no difference.

    In any case, Windows also allows this kind of operation during lock: downloading updates is an example. Accessing a share via LAN is another.

    It's just an opinion.


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