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Update v.14 to v.15 with SCCM?

We have 400 clients with Teamviewer Host with Easy access turned on. We also have about 40 client with Teamviewer Full-version also with Easy Access turned on, these user are remoting som other clients that we in IT-department don't care about.

These 40 users complaines that they can not connect to v.15 machines when they have 14 them selves.

How can I update their v.14 Full to v.15 Full and keep the easy access attribute? I don't want to uninstall the already installed and configured 14, delete it from the portal and do another full installation.

I tried to just silent install 15 without uninstalling and the result was that the client now has two Teamviewer on the computer.


Any sugestions?


  • I also told the user that they could update Teamviewer by them self under Help > Check new version but when they do that nothing is happening.

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