TeamViewer Downloaded by itself

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Hello, teamviewer team and community

When I returned home from work today, at 22.00 local time, my PC was turned on, cause my parrents were using it, I detected then, that i have "teamviewerQS.exe" downloaded throught my google chrome browser from (is this link safe? PLEASE DON'T USE IT IF YOU ARE NOT SURE It was downloaded at 21.00 local time, as my parents said, they just turned on the PC at ~21.00 and as the browser history said, it's really just google and social network for this timestamps. 

This thing is making me crazy, so I need some help:

1. Is the link above official? 

2. Could it be downloaded by mistake? (Throught some ads mb, or trying to update itself (i have TV portable, but almost never use it))

3. Is someone with bad intentions trying to get full control of my PC this way?

Thank you.