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touch mode & mouse mode

I have i phone install teamviewer 12

I want to use this app in touch mode. 

I tried many times , but failed.

let me know the way to use teamviewer 12 in touch mode( same as real desk top touch screen) in my iphone?




  • Vreo
    Vreo Posts: 1

    I have found that switching between touch and control modes is available in tablets, but not in phones. I think a lot of us need it to be also in phones because there are lot of phones with big screens, and I use my phone with a bluetooth mouse, which makes it illogic to use the mouse to drag a pointer.

  • pigdogcat
    pigdogcat Posts: 1

    Hello Vreo,

    Are you talking about a Android tablet, or a iOS tablet? I know it should work on Android one, but not sure about the iOS.

    No touch mode on phones is ridiculous. Hope Teamviewer can add this function to cell phones!

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