Slowness with TeamViewer on my HP ProBook 450 G3 - Fine on my other systems.


Hello all!

I've been having problems with TeamViewer ever since switching over to a new laptop.

My old laptop was a Lenovo X250 running Windows 10 Home, and I never had any issues with slowness or lag on TeamViewer.

Recently, I switched laptops to a HP ProBook 450 G3 because I wanted the expanded keyboard, the bigger screen, and it had Windows 10 Pro installed. TeamViewer 12 on this laptop is extremely slow and laggy, even with the settings turned all the way down to grayscale. I have seen many posts about disabling hardware acceleration, but I cannot find the setting on Windows 10...the option just doesn't exist anymore.

The old laptop uses Intel HD Grapics 5500 and the new one uses Intel HD 520. Nowhere in the Intel control panel does it give me any option to turn down hardware acceleration, and even setting everything to the lowest settings, I still get the same slowness and lag.

Any suggestions?