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[Windows] v15.1.3937 (Full) - Change Log

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We released a new version of the Windows full version.

Operating system: Windows

Version: 15.1.3937 (Full)

Release date: 2019-12-17

Change Log:

  • Updated TeamViewer EULA
  • You can now invite users to join a TeamViewer Pilot session by creating Pilot session codes.
  • You can now send files during a TeamViewer Pilot session to the remote device.
  • Fixed a bug that too many notifications have been shown during copy & paste actions for images from a local to a remote computer.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the execution of PowerShell scripts from the client toolbar's script menu if the Windows username on the remote side contains a blank.

Download here

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    Is there a fix coming for clipboard notifications and ability to disable for Mac users? These popups are incredibly annoying and get into the way of workflow.