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Telephone scam

I was called by someone claiming to be from BT saying they had been notified of viruses on my machine and asked me to use TeamViewer to give them access. Fat chance!!!

Their ID was [ID removed] and password code[password removed]


Can you stop them?



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  • Mike3Mike3 Posts: 1

    Also got contacted by these damm pests, get one around each week for the past month. They use Teamviewer with [ID removed] to try and get access, I just play them for as long as I can without giving them access. Is there any way that number can get traced back and there account shut down or blocked?


    Cheers, down with scammers

  • EstherEsther Posts: 2,991 Community Manager

    Hi @Mike3

    Thank you for posting. We forwarded the information internally.

    Best, Esther


    Community Manager
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