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When I try Sign In to Computers And Contacts I get an error messge:

your teamviewer version is outdated

Sugestin I update to version 14. I do not want to update to 14 as version 7 does all I need and I have paid for the license

How do I resolve the problem. NB the issue ocurred when I installed the teamviewer 7 app on a new laptop, I do not have this issue with my old laptop.

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    Hi @stevejanko,

    Thank you for your post.

    It is our top priority to ensure the best possible service and security for the connectivity solutions our users trust in. As it is technically not possible to continue the support of version 7 and below with the service quality that is expected from our customers, the versions will be deprecated.

    Kindly check out the announcement about New update for TeamViewer 8-14, which relates to the free upgrade on TeamViewer 7 please. An email communication should have been sent out and your TeamViewer 7 license should have been upgrade automatically in TeamViewer system. The only action needed to take place is to update your TeamViewer software. If you would like to have more information and confirmation about the free upgrade, feel free to contact TeamViewer Support Team for further discussion. Please noted that a delayed response from TeamViewer is expected during the festive holidays. Thank you for your understanding.



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