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Hi All

We like to use a predefined password in Teramviewer. With our old teamviewer we could rename the quicksupport exe to something we liked to user rather than the default eg TeamViewerQS-idc8ujhhasdm5.exe

I have noticed with our current version if we rename the exe file it now wipes the predefined password out and the customer needs to supply us with the random generated password. Anyone know how we can get around this please.


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    Hi @glennbtn,

    Thank you for the post.

    As TeamViewer has changed the setting on customised module download files, the action of editing the .exe file name has been disabled. Simply use the download .exe file for all your customised modules please. If you ever change the modification of the customised modules, kindly use the same download .exe file and advise the end users to reinstall or rerun the file for refreshing settings please.

    Hope the explanation above helps.



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