Ubuntu 16.04 - Not Ready. Please check your connection. Madness!

schwim Posts: 1

 I've been at this for hours. I get the same behavior with TV 12 and 11. This is a fresh install of ubuntu using the TV12 .deb package. I can't log in to TV. I can't connect to it locally. It won't connect to the TV servers.

One thing I noticed is it is listening on It isn't binding or attempting to bind to any other interface on the system. 

tcp        0      0*               LISTEN      6220/teamviewerd

netstat -apn | grep teamviewer shows no other listening ports, no active connections, nor attempted connections. I'm able to verify this as well with tcpdump - at startup of teamviewerd as well as the user GUI no connection attempts are made at all on the wire. No DNS lookups occur.

I tried setting a proxy server to see if I could force it to connect in that fashion. It does not attempt to connect to the proxy address whether on or on a directly-connected ethernet link.

I'm speculating that this problem has to do with the wine config that came with the install. It's almost as if it cannot access any interface on the system aside from partially lo.