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Hi all,

My company uses Teamviewer 10 and has a licence for it. We can connect to any of the computers associated with it and also connect to the computers associated with teamviewer 9. We have a few clients that have accidentaly upgraded to higher versions and have become unable to access there computers unless we use an installed higher free version. If we upgrade our teamviewer licence from 10 to the newest version (15?). Would we need to upgrade all the clients presently on 10 or 9 or would we be able to access them without trouble??



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    Hi @rassicktdm,

    Thank you for your post.

    As TeamViewer is backward compatible which means that TeamViewer is able to connect from newer version (e.g. TeamViewer v15) to older version (e.g. TeamViewer v10) with license legacy authorisation. For more information and further dicussion on TeamViewer license, feel free to contact TeamViewer Sales Team please.

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