Sign In request failed! The server did not respond

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Today 16 Jan 20, received this message when try to login to teamviewer free account: "Sign In request failed! The server did not respond. Please try again." Can someone help and advise what is the problem? Thanks.




  • Ying_Q
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    Hi @Ettijah,

    Thank you for your post.

    Can you kindly try to reboot your device or restart TeamViewer client service then try login again the account please. 

    Hope the issue can be resolved by taking this action.



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  • Ettijah
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    I Try same problem

  • ddenoy
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    I've got one too. It was in my account but I removed TV Host and wanted to rejoin. Now it won't let me. I've uninstalled three times, cleared out old machines from my account, made sure the server is not in the list anywhere but after numbers sign-on attempts from the host client, I am not able to add it. I get the 'Sign-in request failed message...'

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    Same issue here, I've noticed that it only occurs on the hosts that had TV previously installed and display a "Trial period expired" message on the main screen

  • koby_ysa
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    i have the same issue now

  • paulvickers
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    I have the same issue in I can no longer manage 90 devices.

  • Shull
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    i have the same problem/

    TV 11

    cant login and connect to any of my computers