Week Now, still no response to Support Ticket, no one answering phones

It's been a week of trying to get through now.

I have tried Canadian Support. United States Support. And now tried Australia (gone to wrong number) and can't get through.

Combined with no response to e-mail ticket.

We can't log into our TV account with the client. Only from the webpage. This is business affecting, and we're going to have to look at paying for someone elses service if we cant get a response.

Honestly, we've spent thousands of dollars supporting this product. Can't we get a reply?

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  • JD_PBX
    JD_PBX Posts: 4

    Well, it's 5:03PST now, so after 3 straight hours of a cell in one hand, and a regular phone in the other, and constantly dialing back into the support lines, and waiting till it hangs up due to "extremely high volumes" it's not "out of business hours".