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Teamviewer 9: lost licence after migrate from win7 to win10

Good day!

English is not my native so I apologise of my description of our situation and possible misunderstanding.

Quite long ago our company purchased and started to use Teamviewer 9 Business licence. Worked fine on Win7 untill in Dec of 2019 we`ve decided to migrate&upgrade our OS with all installled products and settings. 

After we`ve got Win10 on our workstation Teaviewer 9 (at first startup) couldn`t connect to any TV host and we realized that our copy is licensed "Free" at that moment. So we reactivated it and that day TV9 worked fine.

Next mornig we got same situation with Free-licensed TV9.  In that way we`ve used all of "License remove" attemts and installed TV9 remains "Free" for now. 

BUT TV9 portable (downloaded from official) applied our "business" licence at the moment and it`s a lifebuoy for us now.

Any sujessions how can it be? How we can reactivate our installed TV9?

Licence and purchase information can be provided on request.


  • Ying_Q
    Ying_Q Posts: 873 Moderator

    Hi @Centrius,

    Thank you for posting on TeamViewer Community.

    According to the KB article - Supported operating system with TeamViewer, TeamViewer v9 is not compatible with Windows 10. In other words that TeamViewer v9 might not be functioning properly when it runs on the OS of Windows 10. If you are interested in update your TeamViewer license to enjoy the full compability, feel free to contact TeamViewer Sales Team.

    On the other hand that TeamViewer v9 Business is not supported to apply on  TeamViewer Portable. It would use up the moves of activation of your TeamViewer v9 Business. For moves reset and confirmation, feel free to contact TeamViewer Support Team for further assistance.

    Hope the explanation above is helpful.



    Chinese Community Moderator
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