First login on W10M - stuck in 'device authorization' loop

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I'm setting up TeamViewer on a new Windows 10 Mobile (Phone) device. After I enter my username and password, I am informed that because this is the first login I will first need to authorize this device by email. I receive the authorization email, from which I click 'Add to trusted devices'. Since I am already logged in to my account in the web browser from this PC, I am taken to a screen showing my list of authorised devices. The new device is not in the list. I then click 'OK' on the phone and try to log in again, but am greeted with the same message and receive another authorization email. The loop never ends...

Can someone help me out?

Thanks in advance.



  • AaronP
    AaronP Posts: 2 ✭✭

    So I wasn't able to resolve that problem, but was able to work around it by instead enabling two-factor authentication for my account using an authenticator app rather than the email verification option. I was then able to enter the code and proceed to authorize the W10M device for login. I am however not able to add it to my list of devices, as far as I can tell...