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How long does a refund take?

I bought a license for TeamViewer on the 31st of January 2020 and the amount was immediately reserved on my credit card. On the same day I determined I would not need to require TeamViewer anymore and asked for a refund via the sales team and got confirmation that the subscription was cancelled according to your 7 day refund policy.

It it a week later and the funds are still reserved on my credit card. How long does it take for TeamViewer to release the funds again? 


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  • ITWurx
    ITWurx Posts: 1

    I have been waiting on a refund since January, getting ignored on my support ticket #33328994 also on facebook and twitter. Also told lies if i call the support number..  14 DAYS.. what a joke... 

  • Hos_506
    Hos_506 Posts: 2

    well same happened to me, i tried to contact them with no luck.

    shame on them.

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