After upgrading TeamViewer on Mac to version 12.0.78517 from earlier 12.x, sound turns way down



  • Thank you for the information @Szienz !

    I wasn't even aware that a newer version had already been released so soon after the previous one !  :smileysurprised:

    Cheers !!


  • jde
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    I've just downloaded the update, and it no longer turns the volume down, but it now turns the volume UP.

    I don't understand why a version can't be issued that doesn't affect volume at all.

  • jde
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    I've just downloaded the update, and it no longer turns the volume down, but it now turns the volume UP.

    I don't understand why a version can't be issued that doesn't affect volume at all.

  • rj2
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    This sounds like the audio ducking feature, commonly used by video chatting applications to temporarily lower the volume of other sounds.

    To turn it off, go to Applications/Utilities/VoiceOver > Sound

    and then uncheck audio ducking

  • Szienz
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    yes, except it is not ducking the sound, but setting it to max

  • jde
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    Right. It was ducking the sound, but now it's turning it up.

    I never had this problem with TeamViewer until the last couple of updates.

  • Wow @rj2 !!!

    Was this the solution all along for release 12.0.78517, before the new release that should have corrected this behavior came out and introduced the new "audio boosting to max" problem ?

    I didn't even know the existence of this utility, which comes standard with macOS...

    Anyway, I think some folks actually need the audio ducking to work, as we all have different needs.  So maybe turning off the audio ducking in the VoiceOver isn't a great idea for them.

    I haven't been able to follow through on the "audio boosting to max" issue.  I'll create a new thread right now to report it.  If you guys have time to contribute to it and post the steps to reproduce the issue (some of your posts may simply be copied & pasted from the current thread into the new one), it would be really great as I believe this new "audio boosting" issue deserves its own thread.

    Thanks to all for your amazing contributions !!!

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  • All, I've created a new Topic / Thread regarding the "audio boosting" issue.

    Please follow this link to access it.

    Thanks !

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  • So, it doesn't lower it now, but instead it cranks it to MAX when I have it turned down.... opposite problem. I blast my ears off everytime I open TV because it cranks my volume to max!!

  • life
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    That's what you call poor programming and not testing before releasing.

  • Hello everyone,

    As mentioned in an earlier post, the "audio boosting" issue now has its own thread.  Please follow this link in order to post your comments and contributions on the latter.  

    Since this thread has been marked as "resolved", it may no longer receive the attention it requires.  I don't know if that's actually true or not, as I AM NOT a TeamViewer employee (in case you were wondering), but I wouldn't take any chances...

    Thank you all !!

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  • Hi @Julia.

    Unfortunately, the issue was not at all solved. I've been waiting for a solution in one of the updates since the beta version of TV 12. Please, take this message into consideration as it may still be affecting other users and actually be a bug not yet solved.

    I believe you will need to more information, of course, to continue and study the problem with more depth. So, here it is:

    macOS version: 10.12.6 (16G29), aka Sierra.

    TeamViewer version: 12.0.81460

    The problem with me is a bit different, but of same nature. Instead of turning the sound to the minimum, it turns it to the maximum after I open TV or start a connection to another partner. Sometimes, it does turn the sound to the minimum, but mostly to the maximum. Not being enough, TV also changes the input volume (microphones) accordingly.

    That way you could imagine this situation: I'm giving someone technical support and communication through a conference app, like Discord or Skype. Suddenly, when I connect to the partner and begins the support session, my voice volume increases so much that the person on the other end hears me like I'm screaming, startling them in most cases. On the other hand, imagine if someone would not hear me at all and feel like I'm ignoring them or not listening to them. How unprofessional and extremely annoying is that?

    Before you suggest it, I've also tried completely reinstalling the app. It did not work. I have the same issue on my iMac and MacBook Pro. Both have the same macOS version. Also, the problem happens whether or not I'm using an external microphone, of any brand or kind.



    Neemias Freitas

    Just another TeamViewer user

  • GerZah
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    I just updated to, and it does in fact not solve the issue. There are strange things going on with TeamViewer messing with my volume settings. At the moment, reproducibly, when TeamViewer is started, it pulls my volume up to eleven … to max volume, that is.



  • I have the opposite problem. Since the update when I remote into a PC my volume jumps 100%.  I have to rem to turn off any music before connecting.  Even when i disconnect it will still jump to 100%

  • it does not work still facing same problem here


  • Updating TeamViewer Mac to 13.0.5640 solved my problem. Mine has High Sierra.

  • Szienz
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    I can confirm this also works on OSX10.12.5 Sierra and the new version 13, no longer sound issues

  • That is not correct. Using ver 13 and still incredibly bad sound issues. you cant use your mic or audio with any other programs running even if you are not even using those programs. and stupidly isnt the idea of this feature to lower the volume of surounding programs so that TeamVierewer can be heard better. Well it does the opposite. it actually reduces the volume of teamviewer if any other audio input oir source is engaged. Plus ti takes about a minute for the audio channels to kick in if they ever do. At times it has interfered with my mac system where i couldnt even change the volume. it was stuck. it has made it to the point now where the audii just cant be used in aTeamViewer. Really the company doeznt give a **bleep** about Mac users. The updates they do are purely superficial cosmetic. And to blame Apple for not making it easy to adjust drivers is utter rubbish. Apple have produced a program that handles the scren drivers such as have others. they just cant be bothered to write the software. Too hard?

  • Is that valid also for El Capitain?

  • Hi,

    So actually updated everything to latest version (win 10 on the controlling PC, mac High Sierra on the controlled PC and latest version of the respective TeamViewer) but still I am not able to ear the computer audio/sounds. Is there somenthing about the settings in the TeamViewer? On which one? Mac or PC? Or that is just not possible (Why?)?

    Thanks a lot :)

  • Hi @lucamiz01,

    On which computer are you not able to hear any sounds ?  Your Win 10 PC or your Mac ?

    This thread was specific to TeamViewer for Mac when using a Mac computer as the "controller".  Apparently, according to some recent contributions, some users still have issues with the sound ducking in TW for Mac.  It also happened to me once with the latest and greatest release, but since I don't make extensive use of TW's teleconferencing capabilities, it doesn't bother me as much as it can be bothersome for others.

    I must specify that, just like most of you, I'm a simple user of TW.  I'm not an employee, moderator or anything of the sort.  So if you're having issues with the software, I encourage you to contact TW support or give as many details as possible when contributing to this thread or others, so that the staff monitoring these threads have all the info necessary to reproduce the problems you're having and submit a bug report to their R&D colleagues.

    Have a great day !

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  • @SkyLukeQcthanks for the clarification.

    I thought this was about problems when connecting to a Mac non with a Mac (which is not my case :) ). I will follow your advise and will contact the support team.

    Thanks ;)

  • Scotty
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    Hi lucamiz01,

    (And thanks SkyLukeQc)

    Unfortunately, your issue is not a bug. It is a restriction in the software itself.

    TeamViewer is only able to transmit sound from the remote side if you are connecting to a windows device, not if you are connecting to a Mac.

    Long story short, this is because there is a limitation in MacOS, iOS and Android where we have not found a way to collect the audio from the remote side.

    This is currently in as a feature request, but I cannot say if or when it will be available.


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  • Hi @Scotty,

    thanks a lot for the answer. Now the issue I have is quite clear. I noticed however that the standard mic audio does work on the mac and gets transmitted over to the controller PC. That said, would it be a feasible idea to "shortcut" the mic line to the out line (using a standard aux cable)? Would then the audio be transmitted? I know that is an hardware hack more than a software solution and that TeamViewer is just not part of it but will that raise software limitation from mac/TV point (like threshold problems and so on?)?

  • I have the same issue with the newest version 13.2.2