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Error: You cannot move this device to a shared group as it is assigned to your account."

How can I share a device with a company group. We own a license, and need to send a Windows Surface Pro several states away, only to need remote access to it later. The company already shares dozens of other devices in the shared group so that we can all remotely access them if clients are having problems and need help. Further, are there better/more efficient solutions regarding the need to share remote access across many devices?


  • zachezache Posts: 2

    Also, if I try to move it to my shared group using the management console it tells me: "This device is running on an outdated version of TeamViewer. In order to move this device, please update it to the most recent version of TeamViewer."

  • bartlanzbartlanz Posts: 323 ✭✭✭

    What version of TV is running on the Remote machine vs your local machine?

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  • CMSITCMSIT Posts: 1

    his is actually fairly infuriating.

    I have a 5+ year old teamviewer account with hundreds of "Offline for more than 1 year" computers.

    I log onto the management console to try and clean them out.  You can't multi-select to delete them you need to delete them one by one.

    So I have the great idea to move them into a seperate group and delete them all at once.

    And then a similar message ("the device is running an outdated version of teamviewer") stops me from doing even that....


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