How do I change my settings so teamviewer stops sending me support email in Chinese ?

I haven't been able to use my teamviewer account for almost 2 years now because I couldn't get it to add new devices on new computers (no longer had acess to older computers) beacuse the 'add devices' email was sent in Chinese. In fact even the password recovery mail is sent in chinese. But the newletters are still in English. I do not have my browser set to Chinese, nor ever changed any language settings in teamviewer. The password reset link was clickable even though the rest of the email was in Chinese. However the "add device" link never worked on my browsers. Today I tried a hail mary and opened the email on my phone and it was able to correctly show it as a link, and let me click and add a new device so I can finally access it again after 2 years of unsucessful support. Now going forward, I will need to add new devices to the account. How do I change it to stop sending the support email in Chinese? My account was made in the USA, on USA IPS.