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Notification on channel usage


I would like to know if there is a possibility to get notified (either by email or by API/webtrap etc) when channel is being active.

currently we have 3 channels as part of our licenses and i would like the information in order to get a decision on addon channels.


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  • bartlanz
    bartlanz Posts: 324 ✭✭✭

    I was just looking around for something else and found EXACTILY what you are looking for!

    If you log into the managment console as a Company Administrator

    click on your profile pic in the upper right hand corner of the console

    Click Administer *your company name here*

    You will get a screen that shows all of the TeamViewer Products you have Licensed, In my case the top line is Corporate.

    Click the Gear to the right side of the screen for your Team Viewer License

    Click Edit

    Then at the botom of that screen you will see "Email notification. Click the box below and select the users you want to receive emails if the channel limit is hit.


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  • is there a way to send an email notification each time a user connects to a machine?  i suspect there is but cant seem to find the option anywhere.

    PS. if i were to chose between email when no channels available  vs email when a connection is made is much more useful since i get the "no sessions available" when attempting to connect anyway

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