TV 12 on Mac Fails To Sign In Automatically 2 of 3 Restarts

For the past couple months or more, 2 out of 3 Restarts of the Macs TV 12 is installed on, fail to Sign In automatically after a Restart.

I have verified that each machine is assigned to my account; that each is set up for Unattended Access; that each has Grant Easy Access enabled; that each login window has Keep Me Signed In enabled.

Yet TV frequently refuses to respect these settings, and I am forced to physically drive to the remote computer, and enter the password manually, and click Sign In. Then, I have to Quit and Reopen TV for Remote computers to actually have the target machine show up in the Available list.


I've tried completely uninstalling, including finding every preference file, and reinstalling numerous times. I've even done a clean install of the OS, and installed nothing but TV, and then restarted repeatedly, counting the number or times it sucessfully logged in, or failed.

This happens on multiple Macs; each of which it is necessary to reboot 2-3 times per week.

Since it will work properly one in three restarts, I am clearly not setting anything wrong; this can't be anything but a bug in TV.

Pretty much defeats the entire purpose of using TV in the first place, doesn't it?

Unless someone has an answer, I'm going to give up on TV forever. My blood pressure simply cannot take being forced to drive into the office when I'm supposed to be able to work from home and vice versa.

Any help appreciated.