Licence purchased but errored out whilst activating, left with nothing

Hi Guys

Recently we purchased a business licence but whilst i was trying to activate it all i could see was flood of red error messages in the middle of the screen. I didnt pay too much attention to that, believing that the activation was successfull and all is fine. Today i started to get these free software warnings etc. I tried to find a way how to contact TW support but so far no luck (live ticket requires a licence number which i dont have as all they sent us is an activation link). Does anyone have any idea how to sort this out? Bassically i just paid over $500 and all im left with is a free licence account :)

Thanks so much for any ideas

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  • miro2017
    miro2017 Posts: 2

    Thank very much Esther for reply. It helped me to activate the licence at least on my main workstation. Currently waiting for support reply, so i can activate it for the account as such.

    You really helped me thanks very much and have a great day !