qs10 not showing id on xp

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we have a fully licenced version 10 and create our own qs10 to go on remeote pc's.

this has worked fine for several years

now when launched the remote machine will not show an ID and Password

if we recompile the qs10 app for the remote machine it works.

any ideas why the older qs10 app will not work and what does recompiling it do to make it work.



  • Vatsilidis
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    Hi @robthetill 

    Could you try to add a new user with Admin rights to the XP and rin the QS within the new user environment?



  • robthetill
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    can i ask where you think this should work befor ei try it, it's been working for years on several machines?

  • Vatsilidis
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    By my experience in Windows XP (it depends on many reasons, including hardware and software combination) I have seen many times that the Windows just not working properly, and this causes the installed (and portable) applications to not work properly either. This is not a must be, by meaning that in a not good Windows installation, maybe some apps continue working nice. But for sure an Operating System that came to the market around 18 years before, it has some sensitive points.

    My advice about the new user stands to the fact that this trick has given many of the time a solution and not needed after this to reinstall the Windows, as the fault part it was in the user configuration. But it was also times that the reinstall of the OS was a one-way road.

    All I'm trying to say, after this analysis, is that is not a must that one operating system is working for some years and it should working to this state forever.

    Please take in mind my personal advice, based on many years of experience.

    I never prefer the final solution of reinstall the operating system, but some times it is the only solution.

    Best regards