higher resolutions (up to 1920x900) MISSING while connected with eeePC 701 (800x480)

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Hello at all,

I used a eeePC 701 with Windows 2000 and TeamViewer 5. WITHOUT any problems.
eeePC 701 is able to show 800x480 (physical) and 800x600 (virtuell with PAN-function)
TeamViewer 5 at eeePC and TeamViewer 10 at my main computer WAS able to show a resolution up to 1920x900 pixel.

NOW I updated eeePC also to Win7/32  and TeamViewer 10

=> I used the original driver of Win7 first
=> Then I installed the WinXP driver (without error messages)

BUT: The possibility of displaying higher resolutions (up to 1920x900) in TeamViewer is missing! 

i) is this a problem of TeamViewer?
ii) is this a problem of the newer versions of TeamViewer? (I try to install version 5 while waiting for answers ;) )

thanks a lot



  • Wolfgang-Berlin
    Wolfgang-Berlin Posts: 2 ✭✭

    additional Info...

    I deinstalled version 10 and started version 7 & version 5 (with & without installation) 

    i) ver 5 has had problems after installation (Installation Part was OK ... Program "is no Win32-Application" - not very urgent. Its an old program.)
    ii) ver 7 (start OK) ... but no advantage with monitor resolution.