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I am running Windows 7 Pro, fully updated.  My wife is running Windows 10, newly out of the box.  Together we are learning about Windows 10 and setting up her new computer to be of greatest ease and use for her.  Using Teamviewer, will I be able to log into her computer without installing any software on it.  I've noticed that her computer has Wake on LAN.  If I turn this on, will I be able to start her computer remotely using Teamviewer?  Is there a version of TeamViewer for my Android tablet and what functionality could I expect from that, as compared to the version installed on my Windows 7 box. 

Many Thanks!

Ken Traynham


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  • KennyT
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    Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply.  Just so I am sure, is it necessary that TeamBuilder be installed on both my wife's and my computers, or only hers?

    Thanks again,

    Ken Traynham


  • bartlanz
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    Yes, You will need TeamViewer on both computers. This will let you access either of them from the other. As well as from tablets or mobile devices if desired and supported.

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