Session end in 5 minutes

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Dear Sirs,
I have unfortunately to come back to you because of the same issue I had last year, that was (it seemed) successfully solved by your team. 
Once again Teamviever sessions relevant to my account (Baruffaldi Luca) disconnect after just 5 minutes, once again saying my use pattern seems to be relevant to a Teamviewer Platform Professional Use. 
As per last year my use of teamviewer still continue to be Only ed Exclusively a Private Use (to remotely control my, relatives and friends pcs); with no professional intent or enterprise involvement of any type.
 Please restore my Teamviewer Account to "Free" as soon as possibile and, if possibile, make some permanent flag on my Private Use Only account, that will possibly last more than one year.
 Awaiting for a prompt reply, I'd like to thank you very much in advance for your kindest cooperation and best regards.
Luca Baruffaldi
mob. 335.1029315