Access destroys sound (Mac)

Hi. Is this the right board to ask support questions? If it, than this question:

I provide a webradio station. If I access the remote computer that owns the radio with TeamViewer, the outgoing sound will be interupted an the audio stream turns into silence. Only rebooting the remote computer solvs the problem. Mac mini, MacOS 10.11 El Capitan.

Any idea?


  • Vatsilidis
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    Hi @weishaar 

    I just made a test tried to interrupt the sound my MacOS 10.15.3 played from a radio station.

    When connected to the Mac from a Linux PC, the Mac continued producing sound as before. 

    The sound stopped when I enabled the Voice Over IP button, on the right blue icon bar.

    Screenshot 2020-03-09 15.36.07.png

    Whatever I did after that it wasn't enough to re-enable the sound on my Mac speakers.

    The next time I reconnected the sound was as before without any problem. This makes me think that you have some malfunction either in your TeamViewer installation, either you have to update to the last version the Mac OS, or maybe both. 

    In the first case, you could make a try and fully uninstall the app removing the configuration files and reinstall it. This can be done from the Advanced settings in the Preferences menu.

    I hope this solve it for you

    Best regards