i am unable to connect the partner team viewer , getting error code waitfor connectfailed, but part

I am really fedup with **bleep** teamviewer, i bought licence,even though every couple of  days this Teamviewer shows your trial period completed need to buy licence, but the horrible thingh is I am already Teamviewer custmoer. most of the time, when partener PC is connected to teamviewer and internt but i am unable to connect partner teamviewer,and I will silly popup like" No connection to partner, partner did not connect to router, Error code: Waitforconnect failed" but the same time others can connect the same partnet.


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    Hi @skkanupuru ,

    Thank you for your message.

    Could you please log in to the Computers & Contacts list with your TeamViewer account to use TeamViewer with full functionality. You can find the Computers & Contacts list easily by clicking on the top left circle with the person inside 1 or on the tab for Computers & Contacts 2 :TeamViewer 14 - sign in.png

    If you still have received an error message "No connection to partner, partner did not connect to router", please check this article.

    Hope this will help you.

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