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Folks, I'm a gamer and a server Admin on our servers and used the free version to talk to and help other games with problems,  I'm NOT using it for COMMERCIAL USE.  Now i'm getting 5mins and then it kicks me.  how and why is this happening and how can I get this corrected. Thank you for any advice and help folks!

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  • TheOldMan
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    Sorry, am I even in the correct Board for this topic?  Dont want to break any rules.  Thanks!

  • bartlanz
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    Yes, you are probably on the correct board. You are probably only getting five min of usage because you are on the free version, and someone you worked with had a commercial version at some point. OR the person you are currently working on has a commercial version. When I was trialing TV years ago, I had a similar issue. Other vendors I work with who have not purchased TV will have the same issue when they connect to systems I manage due to them not purchasing it. the pop up message when it disconnects you says something about it being a limit of the free version connected to a comercial host.

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