App sharing via TeamViewer. (can this be done?)

Hi all.
I'm looking for a way for three operators in a monitoring centre to put an application window on a shared 55" screen on a wall. Once an operator has shared his window either of the other two operators should be able to take control of said window and handle the incident while the original operator carries on with another task. This means that the shared window will be hidden or minimized on the original operator's monitors but visible on the shared large screen.

I had envisaged doing this by installing a collaboration host PC that connects to the local network and to the shared large screen. It is important that the operator who shared the application window can hide the shared window on his/her own computer while it is being controlled by another operator.

Can TeamViewer be used for this functionality?

PS. The host PC should operate unattended.


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    If you are doing this as I describe I done see why it wouldn't work.


    Opporator one has a PC

    Opporator two has a PC

    Opporator three has a PC

    55" screen has a PC

    OP 1/2/3 use TeamViewer (or something) to remote into 55" screen pc and run programs. All three of them would be able to log in at the same time. but there is still only one mouse on the 55" screen PC so only one of them would actually be able to do something there at a time. But all three could be logged into the PC at the same time. If you want to talk to me about this more, I have a few other ideas, Feel free to send me a PM.

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