This partner does not accept incoming connections!

I am trying to establish a remote connection to a computer which has the Teamviewer Remote Control app from the Microsoft Store installed. This is different to the software which is installed from the Teamviewer website. When I try to connect using the partner's ID I get a message saying 'This partner does not accept incoming connections!'.

There does not seem to be a setting anywhere within the remote computer's app to change this. The remote computer is using Windows 10 in S mode, so only apps from Microsoft store can be installed. How do I establish remote access to the computer (which I assume is the point of the Remote Control app)?


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    connections *to* the TeamViewer app from the Windows Store are not possible. To connect to this device, you need to switch off S mode and then install our TeamViewer Full Version or Host module.

    Here you can find how to switch of S Mode:

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  • This would seem to make the app fairly useless, but thanks for the information. It is isn't made clear anywhere. It's not even immediately obvious that the Microsoft Store app and the software on the website are different. I can't easily get the (not very computer literate) person I'm trying to help to take Windows out of S mode, even if I thought that would be a good idea.

    The description of the app on the Microsoft Store says: 'Provide spontaneous support for friends and family, or access application on your home computer while on the go'. It doesn't say that this is only possible with a further piece of software which cannot be installed on all versions of Windows 10.

  • Christoph:

    Do you know if there are there plans to upgrade the functionallity of the MS Store version of TeamViewer to allow incomming connections, or will it be a permanent limitation of the store version?

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    Using the original software from team viewer is the key not from the microsoft apt store. I changed my settings to allow downloads from anywhere. This allowed me to download the full version of team viewer from their website which gives you more control. Once I used their software and installed it the computer worked perfectly after giving permission for me to access it. I didn't have to take windows 10 our of S mode which is not reversible from what I read. Once you change it you can't go back. I didn't want to change anything if I didn't have to that was going to be permanent. Hope this helps someone else. Hope this helps! It seemed to be the easiest solution to me.